1980, Fukoka

Deeply influenced by her mother at a young age, she was trained in Ikebana, Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony, traditional Japanese dance and many other types of Japanese culture.

After graduating highschool, she went to Kwassui Girls Short Form School in Nagasaki (now known as Kwassui Women’s University), went through as an English Literature Major and started to learn not only about English literature but the culture that was behind it.

She then went to work for a large insurance company. During this time, she continued to be a manner’s instructor and worked with the new recruits at that company to be the most gracious they could be.

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1990: Began calligraphy, tea ceremony and ikebana

2000: Began Sagagoryu Ikebana

2001: Joined JPFA  (The Japanese Preserved Flower Association) after making a wedding bouquet 

2003: Awarded Tea Ceremony Teaching Certification

2004: Awarded her dipolma in Fukoka

2007: Started working as a Preserved Flower Teacher after getting married, and having her children.

2008: Moved to Sapporo and created a preserved flower classroom and salon in her home

2013: Won the Grand Prix at the second FLURAGE Bouquet Show

2015: Moved her salon to Sapporo’s Central District and opened a preserved flower shop 

2017: Moved her store to in front of Sosei River

2021: Was recognised as an Honorary Guest Member of The Royal Society of British Artists. Had her work exhibited in London at the Mall Gallery. Recoginsed as a World Heritage Artist by France’s Musée d’Orsay


・Local and National TV programs such as HTB, STV, UHB, etc.

・Featured in many print magazines through-out her career